About Us

The Western Mass EMDRIA Regional Network is a group of local EMDR therapists dedicated to disseminating knowledge about EMDR, advancing the practice of EMDR, facilitating access to EMDR therapy among underprivileged and traumatized populations, and strengthening our regional community.

Mission Statement

The Western Massachusetts EMDRIA Regional Network, Inc, is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating psychotherapists about the integrative therapeutic approach known as EMDR therapy, enhancing access of EMDR therapy via corporate activities, thereby ensuring the availability of EMDR therapy to people who have struggled with disturbing life events.

Conferences & Workshops

WMass EMDRIA sponsors an annual spring conference for EMDR clinicians; operates a website and lsitserve as  community resources; maintains an interactive, online directory of regional EMDR therapists and consultants ; and supports the efforts of the EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP) and the regional Trauma Recovery Network (TRN).  WMass EMDRIA is organized by volunteers serving either as Regional Coordinator or as members of the Regional Steering Committee and operates on a not-for-profit basis under the by-laws of the EMDR International Association.

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Commitment to EMDR-HAP

While we are committed to providing affordable training to our local EMDR therapists, we have also been able to provide donations to the EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs after some of our full day training events over the past three years. EMDR-HAP is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing low cost training to mental health professionals and paraprofessionals in communities of need.

Outstanding Regional Coordinator Award at EMDRIA 2006 Conference in Philadelphia

Nancy Knudsen and Shanti Shapiro (posthumously) were together honored for their outstanding leadership in our Western Massachusetts Regional EMDRIA Meeting. George Abbott received the award along with Nancy on Shanti’s behalf. There was a good showing of our local EMDR therapists in the audience to cheer them on.