The Western MASS EMDRIA Regional Network’s 12th Annual EMDR Spring Conference

The 2016 conference at UMass Amherst was received very favorably by the approximately 150 clinicians attending in person, plus many others across North America and from other continents who livestreamed our conference over the internet (a first, for our annual conference, thanks to the vision of Jim Helling, LICSW, Regional Co-Coordinator). Roger Solomon, PhD presented a lauded half-morning keynote: “The Art of EMDR” followed by a master practicum limited to 20 participants. For the afternoon, Solomon gave a 3-hour workshop on “Utilization of EMDR Therapy with Grief and Mourning,” again, with positive reviews all around. Attendees also chose among workshops on the topics of “Integrating EMDR and DBT,” “Healing Culturally-Based Trauma with EMDR Therapy” “Limiting Beliefs, Worldview, and Using the Miller Pain/Terror Technique,” “The Art of Interweaves,” and “Fundamentals of the Standard Protocol: An Update on the AIP Model and a Refresher Course on Standard EMDR Procedures.” As usual, attendees enjoyed a top floor gluten-free lunch with lovely views of the valley. Preliminary feedback has been quite favorable, with high praise of nearly all workshops and speakers. This year also entailed the inauguration of the Dorothy Carlo Memorial Scholarship, with funds generously donated from EMDR clinicians, awarding two conference attendance scholarships for clinicians of color. The preliminary date for next year’s conference is 4/8/2017.

Also, the date for our Fall Regional meeting is tentatively set for 10/19/16, location TBA (likely in Northampton, MA). Please feel free to contact Stephanie Baird, LMHC at for more information.
Thank you!